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Destination : Russia

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About Russia

Choosing to study in Russia as an international student presents a world of exciting opportunities and enriching experiences. Russia offers a thriving academic environment, advanced facilities, and a diverse cultural scene, making it an ideal destination for your education. Here are some compelling reasons why opting for a Russian education can be a life-changing choice

Universities in Russia

Russian universities are widely respected for their high-quality education. They excel in fields like engineering, medicine, and arts, with experienced professors and modern resources.

Studying in Russia often comes with lower costs compared to Western countries. This affordability includes tuition fees and living expenses, making quality education accessible.

Immerse yourself in Russian culture, which is rich in history and artistic expression. Studying in Russia gives you a chance to appreciate both traditional and contemporary cultural aspects.

Russian universities prioritize the well-being of international students. They offer language assistance and integration programs to help you settle into your new academic home.

Universities in Russia

Embark on a journey of exploration and heritage through education in Russia. Esteemed universities, a rich cultural legacy, and opportunities for groundbreaking research intertwine, shaping a transformative academic expedition that paves the way for a bright future.

Degrees in Russia

Diploma, Bachelor & Postgraduate Programs
  1. General Medicine
  2. Pediatrics
  3. Dentistry
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Clinical Psychology
  6. Ecology and nature management
  7. Land management and cadasters
  8. Forestry
  9. Landscape architecture
  10. Gardening
  11. Environmental management and water use
  12. Technological machines and equipment
  13. Automation of technological processes and production
  14. Technology of logging and wood processing industries
  15. Woodworking technology
  16. Construction
  17. Quality management
  18. Transport and technological machines and complexes
  19. Transportation and traffic safety
  20. Chemical technology
  21. Biotechnology
  22. Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technology
  23. Petro chemistry and biotechnology
  24. Techno sphere safety
  25. Technology of printing and packaging production
  26. Applied Informatics
  27. Enterprises of the oil and gas industry
  28. Road-building machines and equipment
  29. Tourism
  30. Accounting & Economics
  31. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  32. Mathematics and Computer Science
  33. Geology
  34. Architecture
  35. Design of Architectural Environment
  36. Construction
  37. Informatics and Computer Engineering
  38. Information Systems and Technologies
  39. Information systems and technologies
  40. Biotechnical systems and technologies
  41. Heat power engineering and heat engineering
  42. Electricity and electrical engineering
  43. Mechanical engineering
  44. Automation of technological processes and production
  45. Mechatronics and Robotics
  46. Chemical Technology
  47. Product technology and catering
  48. Oil and gas business
  49. Land management and cadasters
  50. Materials science and technology of materials
  51. System analysis and management
  52. Nanomaterial’s
  53. Management in technical systems
  54. Business Informatics
  55. Hotel business
  56. Forest inventory and forest management
  57. Optimal forest management
  58. Landscape architecture
  59. Technology of logging and wood processing industries
  60. Design, construction and operation of highways Construction
  61. Highway bridges and tunnels Construction
  62. Technological machines and equipment
  63. Operation of transport-technological machines and complexes
  64. Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes
  65. Operation of automobile transport systems and complexes
  66. Chemical technology
  67. Industrial biotechnology
  68. Techno sphere safety
  69. Land management and cadasters
  70. Technology of printing and packaging production
  71. Applied Informatics
  72. Fundamental computer science and information technology
  73. Computer science and computer technology
  74. Information systems and technology
  75. Applied computer science
  76. Radio engineering
  77. Information and communication technology and communication systems
  78. Electronic means design engineering and technology
  79. Electronics and Nano electronics
  80. Instrument engineering
  81. Heat power engineering and thermal equipment
  82. Electric power engineering and electric equipment
  83. Energy machine engineering
  84. Machine engineering
  85. Technological machines and equipment
  86. Applied mechanics
  87. Technological processes and production automation
  88. Design engineering support of machine engineering production
  89. Chemical engineering
  90. Energy- and resource efficient processes in chemistry technology
  91. Petro chemistry & biotechnology
  92. Biotechnology
  93. Technology-related safety
  94. Oil and gas engineering
  95. Material science and material technology
  96. Standardization and metrology
  97. Nano scale engineering
  98. Light industry product design engineering
  99. Economics
  100. Tourism Management
  101. Hotel business Management
  102. State and municipal management

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